Croatia full of life
Croatia full of life

Croatia occupies most of the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea, coinciding with that part of the Mediterranean that penetrates deeper into the European continent.
Croatia is one of the favorite travel destinations of tourists from all over the world, who admire mainly its enchanting sea but also its natural parks and unique landscapes. Between sea and nature in Croatia there are the unique hiking routes in the world.

Croatia has everything in it: nature, clear sea, culture, history, cities and landscapes. Every aspect of an ideal vacation is found in its land, just knowing how to choose.

The northernmost region surrounded by the deep green of a beautiful Mediterranean vegetation is Istria.
The beautiful central region with small and large islands is the Kvarner.
Further south is Dalmatia, with jagged coasts and hundreds of unspoilt islands.
In the Inland you will discover the national parks, the luxuriant nature and Zagreb the Capital city.

Surface area: 56.594 km2
Territorial Sea: 31.479 km2
Population: 4.290.612
Capital: Zagreb
Coast: 6.278 km
Number of islands, islets and rocks: 1.244

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